EPUB Accessibility 1.0

Developed as part of EPUB 3.1 to provide guidance on making EPUB publications accessible, new guidelines are designed to be equally applicable to older versions of the specification.

The EPUB Accessibility specification addresses two apparent needs of the accessible EPUB® ecosystem:

  • Evaluation and certification of accessible EPUB Publications
  • Discovery of the accessibility features of EPUB Publications

It has always been possible to create EPUB Publications with a high degree of accessibility. The new specification sets formal requirements providing Authors a clear set of guidelines for evaluating their content.

The inclusion of accessibility metadata enables informed decisions about the usability of an EPUB Publication. Consumers can review the content and decide whether an EPUB Publication is appropriate for their needs.

This specification defines three categories of compliance for EPUB Publications:

  • Discovery-Enabled: this EPUB Publication meets the discovery metadata requirements, but does not meet the accessibility requirements. Conformance is defined in Discovery-Enabled EPUB Publications.
  • Accessible: this EPUB Publication meets all discovery, WCAG 2.0 and EPUB accessibility requirements. Conformance is defined in Accessible EPUB Publications.
  • Optimized: this EPUB Publication meets the discovery requirements for Optimizations. Conformance is defined in Optimized EPUB Publications.

EPUB Accessibility specification does not target a single version of EPUB. It is designed to apply to EPUB Publications that conform to any version or profile, including future versions of the standard. Read more at http://www.idpf.org/epub/a11y/.

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