Including everyone, from the beginning

You want your titles to reach everybody in your audience. But people with print disabilities can find traditional publications to be difficult or impossible to read. However, you can make a difference to your customers, meet legal requirements and expand your market share if you take steps to be an inclusive publisher.

Many publications are now designed for digital distribution and consumption, to be read on smartphones, tablets, computers, e-readers, and more. People with print disabilities can use accessibility features to achieve the best possible reading experience to suit their individual needs.

Create your publications with accessibility in mind, and you can save time and money. The promise of a consistent, accessible reading experience can be achieved by following the standards and guidelines referenced on this site.

Adding accessibility to an existing file can be done. But this is like adding accessibility ramps to an old building – expensive and you wish someone had thought of it at the start.

Inclusive Publishing is here to help you make better publications for everyone. And since publishing standards and end user needs continue to evolve, the information will be updated to reflect the latest best practices.

See also: BISG Quick Start Guide to Accessible Publishing.

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