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An Accessible EPUB Straight Out Of Word, You Say?

Is that even possible? Yes! With the simple, but powerful tool WordToEPUB, you can create EPUB publications directly from Word. Marianne Gulstad explains how straightforward this […]

Congratulations to ABC Excellence Awards Winners 2022

Many congratulations to the winners of the Accessible Books Consortium International Excellence Awards for Accessible Publishing, announced today at The Guadalajara Book fair. The awards are […]

Lessons Learned in the Journey to Accessible Publishing (W)

In our series of free weekly webinars November 23rd saw a session focused on the lessons that have been learned by speakers from 4 different areas […]

Accessible Reading Systems: Requirements and Examples of Good Practice (W)

In our series of free weekly webinars October 26th saw a session focused on accessible reading systems, hosted by DAISY’s George Kerscher. In his […]

Accessible Publishing Support (W)

In our series of free weekly webinars September 28th saw a session focused on Accessible Publishing Support which gave a round-up of training, tools and […]

WIPO’s Accessible Books Consortium Launches Accessibility Training Courses for Publishers

The Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) has recently launched an accessible publishing concept course for publishers to assist them in their accessibility journey. This course, […]

Accessible Publishing: The Fundamentals (W)

September 14th 2022 saw the first in a new season of free DAISY webinars with a session focused on Accessible Publishing: The Fundamentals. Accessible […]

What’s Next For Digital Publishing?

EPUB 3.3 is nearing publication and, as such, is mostly fixed in what it will contain. It remains the most accessible publishing option for […]

Your Feedback on the DAISY Accessible Publishing Knowledge Base

The DAISY Accessible Publishing Knowledge Base provides best practices for creating accessible digital publications. Its primary focus is on EPUB but can be used as a […]

Image Descriptions: Managing the Process

We often encounter the question: “Who should be responsible for producing alt text?” The truth is that there is no one definitive answer. Ultimately, […]