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Publishing Markup Mysteries: Bill Kasdorf’s Take

In his Apex Content Solutions blog post, Bill Kasdorf clears up confusion around publishing markup mysteries. He admits that some people may find the concept or “markup” confusing. Let’s take a look at two of his examples below. Isn’t EPUB just a form of XML? Well, yes and no. The content documents in an EPUB […]

Avoid Generic HTML

Laura Brady is the new editor of EPUB Secrets. She wrote the first of a series of posts on accessibility in ebooks. She focused on how to use the tools already available to publishers. To deliver on the democratic promise of digital publishing, ebook developers need to pay closer attention to accessibility, particularly how their markup […]

Accessible EPUB: What’s Next?

The EPUB Accessibility Specification is a starting point, not a destination. Work will continue on the techniques document. Problematic areas still exist in digital publishing, requiring universally accessible solutions. IDPF has merged with W3C.  Join the W3C EPUB Community Group to participate in the following discussions: The WAI-ARIA Digital Publishing Module. Bringing core set of publishing […]

Join Reading System Testers

Written by Amaya Webster Reading software, devices or apps we use to read eBooks, are commonplace nowadays. Accessible reading systems have ushered in a new era for digital content, also for people with disabilities. But what does it mean for a reading system to be accessible? The simple definition is that accessible reading systems support […]