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Ace by DAISY is for Everyone – Video

Your feedback tells us that there are a lot of people around the world who are interested in using Ace to check their EPUB […]

Ace by DAISY: An Essential Tool for the ebook Developer’s Workbelt

This article was kindly submitted by Simon Collinson, Content Sales Manager at Kobo. “I would also say that not paying close attention to #a11y ignores […]

Shortlist for ABC International Excellence Awards 2018

The short-list for the 2018 ABC International Excellence Awards in Accessible Publishing has been announced in advance of the awards ceremony to be held […]

Learned Publishing Journal Focuses on Accessibility

Learned Publishing, the journal of the Association of Learned & Professional Society Publishers, published in collaboration with the Society for Scholarly Publishing, has dedicated […]

Image Descriptions – The Who, What, Where and When (No Need for Why!)

It’s official. Publishers are getting on with aceessibility. – they are realising that many of the “challenges” are not as daunting as they first […]

Event Report: Digital Content & Disabilities Seminar, January 10th

This report was kindly submitted by Nicola Swann from the Publishers Association, U.K. Co-production of resources with those with disabilities and the involvement of […]

Publishing Accessibility Jargon Deciphered

Ahead of their ebookcraft presentation Is Your EPUB Accessible: Put it to the Test where they will showcase Ace by DAISY, the new EPUB […]

Inspiring Words from Industry Leaders: Interview with Luc Audrain, Hachette Livre

Inclusive Publishing has embarked on a series of interviews with industry leaders and their approach to accessibility. Luc Audrain, Head of Digitilization at Hachette […]

Ensuring the Accessibility of all Learning Content

Rick Johnson, Vice President of Product Strategy at Vital Source has written an incisive article for the latest issue of Research information, focusing on what is […]

Reports from the W3C Publishing Summit

The annual W3C TPAC meeting this year was held in San Francisco last week and included, for the first time, the W3C Publishing Summit […]