How to Support the Work of The DAISY Consortium

Drawing of 2 hands shaking. The hands have words of mutual respect inscribed on them such as "connect, cooperate" etcWe have been busy recently and are grateful for the very positive feedback and terrific support that we’ve been receiving for our DAISY Webinars, held every Wednesday, in response to cancelled events and requests for more online resources.

Every week, hundreds of our readers from a staggering number of countries are registering to take part in our fully accessible webinar sessions, covering a large variety of subjects pertaining to inclusive publishing. The series has attracted a plethora of fabulous speakers and we have been overwhelmed with suggestions and requests for specific sessions in the future. The schedule is looking tightly packed with subjects that should be of particular interest to all of our readers and newsletter subscribers. 

We are delighted that so many of you are “tuning” in to these sessions and have subscribed to our monthly newsletter which we put together as an information service, free of charge and accessible for everyone. These, along with our free and open source tools for accessible publishing are just a few of the benefits that you are able to expect from The DAISY Consortium—our commitment to the publishing industry. 

If you would like to support us further then we would encourage you to consider our Inclusive Publishing Partner program. Our ground breaking work relies on the support of the industry and we are hoping to increase the number of publishing partners that we have so that we can continue to provide services and accessible publishing solutions. The IPP program includes some excellent benefits and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss these and other opportunities with you : free access to SMART, insider previews to future developments and expert support are just a few of the perks that IPP offers—check out the full list and join us!!