Understanding Accessibility in EPUB

This Book Machine course, presented by Ken Jones ( Circular Software) is aimed at digital publishing professionals wanting to improve their publishing practices using EPUB in 2020. In particular, Ken will be looking at:

  • Adding accessibility within InDesign
  • Extra Recommend tools (Sigil, Brackets, GreenLight)
  • Epub:types, ARIA Roles & semantics
  • Image descriptions and alt text
  • Structure, TOCs, Page Lists, Landmarks and supplemental lists
  • Language declarations and shifts
  • Adding Schema.org Metadata
  • Checking accessibility with ACE
  • Modern ebook reading software for accessible EPUB content
  • The brand new format recommended by W3C for Audiobooks.


FeBruary 25, 2020


London, UK

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Details of this Book Machine event can be found on their event page