BookMachine Unplugged. The Business of Accessibility: Content that is More Usable is More Valuable

As well as the obvious ethical and now legal requirements to make sure our books, ebooks and content is accessible there are also sound business reasons. Yet why are so many publishers still not achieving fully accessible products? The panel will examine the standards, legislation and technical issues that companies of all size face. They will provide straightforward answers to what you need to do to be accessible as well as why and how you can make it happen. Speakers include:

  • Ken Jones—Circular Software
  • Huw Alexander—textBOX
  • Stacy Rowe—RNIB
  • Alicia Wise—Elsevier
  • Alistair McNaught—JISC

Following a Q&A session with the panel, the talks will close with a short awards ceremony. The ASPIRE awards are given in recognition of the work being done in the industry on accessibility by top publishers and vendors.


February 20, 2019


The Century Club, London

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