New European Legislation Welcomed by FEP

Charlotte Eyre from The Bookseller has reported:

“The Federation of European Publishers (FEP) has welcomed a European act of parliament created to make products and services more accessible, saying ebooks will be covered by the provisions of the legislation. The European Accessibility Act, passed by the European Parliament today (13th March), was created to try and remove and prevent any barriers in the market for accessible products, making it easier for businesses to create accessible products for elderly consumers or those with disabilities.The FEP said European publishers ‘welcome’ the act and president Rudy Vanschoonbeek commented: “It is our responsibility as publishers, as ‘brokers’ of content, to make sure that the readers are as numerous and diverse as possible. To be able to offer access to the great books we publish, to everyone is a necessary objective.”

The full news piece from The Bookseller is available here.