EPUB 3.3 Becomes a W3C Recommendation

The W3C have issued a press release to announce the publication of EPUB 3.3 as a W3C Recommendation. This is a significant development and this iteration of the EPUB format offers the greatest opportunity for accessible content to date.

Accessibility of EPUB publications was an essential part of the group’s activity. As a result, the EPUB Accessibility specification has been updated and, for the first time in the history of EPUB, is now an integral part of the EPUB Standard. Furthermore, the EPUB Accessibility specification is compatible with the European Accessibility Act whose influence will be significant on Digital Publishing in the years to come.

Wendy Reid, Joint Chair of the EPUB 3 Working Group at W3C discussed the new version in our article What’s Next for Digital Publishing? EPUB 3 offers the most accessible experience for print disabled readers and we are delighted with today’s news.Congratulations to the working group!