GAAD: If Your Content is Accessible It Will…..

hand drawn globe with many hands reaching towards it from all sides. The words Global Accessibility Awareness Day are written over the top of the globe and the hands are all different shades and patterns

help you to meet procurement requirements in your market. With accessible content becoming necessary for many institutions, it makes good business sense to ensure you can be included in  education contracts. Our information on the procurement of accessible content should help you to get started if this is new to you.

Understanding how to produce accessible content as a standard part of your mainstream digital workflow is the ultimate business savvy approach. The aim is to produce a born accessible product that all readers can access in the same format, at the same time and at the same cost. Accessible publishing is, essentially, better publishing.

If you are responsible for accessibility within your organisation, the arguments in this business case will provide you with a template for discussion with your colleagues. It can be hard for senior executives to support change to digital workflows: they need sound reasoning to back up their actions. Our business case gives you a template for your discussions and we will be highlighting one important point each day this week to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Use these points to put together an awareness session for colleagues perhaps?

If you need more ideas for your GAAD activities, take a look at our Publishers Toolkit for inspiration!