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Frequently Asked Questions

Supporting your Accessibility Journey
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What are the benefits of becoming an Inclusive Publishing Partner?

There are many benefits designed to support you on your accessibility journey. These are explained on our Benefits Page.

Who is this for?

We have designed the inclusive publishing partner initiative for all members of the publishing supply chain, ensuring that the benefits are suitable for all types of organizations: publishers, platform providers, tech organizations, conversion houses as well as many others. Whatever stage you are at in your accessibility journey, we want to help you!

We are just getting started with accessibility. Is becoming an Inclusive Publishing Partner right for my organization?

With increasing pressure on publishing organizations and their own supply chain partners to produce mainstream accessible content, the Inclusive Publishing Partner program offers huge opportunities to get you started, making sure you are on the right track and keeping you up to date with accessibility requirements as they change and develop. Access to significant expertise will help you on this journey provide you with reassurance in this ever-changing environment.

I work for a small organization. Would becoming an Inclusive Publishing Partner help me to ensure that my digital content is meeting accessibility requirements?

Small organizations would greatly benefit from becoming an Inclusive Publishing Partner which offers them the support and guidance that they need to ensure their digital content is as accessible as it can be. You may not have an accessibility advocate in-house and, if this is the case, we can support you in your efforts to further your knowledge and to make sure that your workflows are organized accordingly.

My organization has been active in accessibility for a while. Why should we join?

Organizations of all size and experience benefit from becoming an Inclusive Publishing Partner. If you already have experience of delivering accessible content, you know that this is a journey and not a destination. DAISY is here to support you through every step. Being part of the inclusive publishing network affords you insight into the latest developments in standards, tools, reading solutions and practices globally, along with access to expertise to help address any unique challenges you may be facing.

Is this open to all organizations, irrespective of their native language and global location?

Any type of organization can become an Inclusive Publishing Partner, and our tools are designed to support content created in any language, although our primary language of communication is English and the documentation for our tools is often only in English, but we welcome interest from all locations.

I’m interested in finding out more about SMART. What can it do for my organization?

The SMART tool (Simple Manual Accessibility Reporting Tool) is used in conjunction with Ace by DAISY to provide the manual checks necessary to ensure conformance with EPUB and WCAG requirements. Together these tools provide the most complete method for accessibility conformance testing of EPUB content. Learn more about SMART.

What opportunities are there for networking with other Inclusive Publishing Partners?

We offer you the opportunity to liaise and network with other partners within an email discussion list. Partners are given the option of joining this list which operates as a discrete forum for participants to explore accessible publishing related subject matter together.

Is there a list of other participating organizations?

Yes! Visit the participating organizations page for a full listing of Inclusive Publishing Partners

How much does it cost to be an Inclusive Publishing Partner?

Joining this program costs US $5,000 per annum and there is flexibility for you to offer a greater level of support should you wish to do so.

How do we join?

The sign up process is very straightforward, as detailed on the registration page.

Where can I find out more information on the DAISY Consortium?

The DAISY Consortium website is a great place to discover the range of activities that DAISY perform, and the global beneficiaries of that work. The DAISY About Us pages will get you started.

I didn’t find the answer to my question—what can I do?

If you still have questions about becoming an Inclusive Publishing Partner, please Contact Us.