Reading in the Dark

May 20, 2022

Location: Turin International Book Fair

Book fair event

During the occasion of the Turin International Book Fair, the regular event Reading in the Dark will take place to introduce delegates to the experience of reading with a visual impairment. Through the absence of light,  any distinction between those who read with their eyes, those with their hands, those with their ears is cancelled. Well-known authors and readers with visual impairment read alternately the same book, revealing the different ways of use. An accessible ebook can be read by enlarging the characters, using a braille display or the speech synthesis, thus allowing words to take shape in the darkness. This event ignites the senses and the imagination. 

Marco Peano, writer and editor, will take part in the event and excerpts from “Morsi“, his last book, published by Bompiani, will be read. Elisa Molinari of Fondazione LIA will moderate the Reading. 

The initiative is organized in collaboration with AIE – Associazione Italiana Editori and in the framework of Aldus UP, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.