London Book Fair 2024

Start date: March 12, 2024 - End date: March 14, 2024

Location: London, UK

Book fair event

The London Book Fair always hosts a number of events of interest to our inclusive publishing audience. Of particular interest this year:

The Marrakesh Treaty and Global Accessibility in Publishing – The Marrakesh Treaty ensures that people with print disabilities have equal access to literature and information. This session will disclose progress and industry initiatives for promoting accessibility, diversity, and inclusion along with practical actions that the industry can make to contribute to this significant milestone.

Voices Unheard: Addressing Inclusivity and Representation in the Publishing World. This thought-provoking session is designed to recognise and embrace the power of narratives that have long been side-lined. The speakers will explore the importance of authentic storytelling, accurate representation, and the positive impact they have on readers of all backgrounds.