Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2024

Start date: April 8, 2024 - End date: April 11, 2024

Location: Bologna, Italy

Book fair event

The Bologna Book Fair is one of the most prominent fairs dedicated to the publication of material for children globally. Now entering it’s 7th decade the fair continues to inspire and excite children’s publishers throughout the world and there is always an important focus on accessibility.

Of particular interest to our readers is the professional seminar organized by the LIA Foundation in the framework of Aldus UP and ABELab, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union:

Do Androids Dream of Great Alternative Descriptions for Images?

April 8th

10:30 to 11:15

BBPlus Theatre, Bologna Children’s Book Fair

A crucial component of accessibility is providing reliable alternative descriptions for images. However, crafting alternative descriptions for images stands out as a particularly challenging task for publishers, due to the need for specialized knowledge and the amount of time to ensure accuracy. This is especially challenging when attempting to make backlist titles accessible, as they were not originally designed with accessibility in mind.

Fondazione LIA will explore the world in which AI meets the alternative description of images with insights from professionals in the field, exposing both the possibilities through a showcase of the options available and the concrete applications already adopted by the industry.