Reading System Reviews

When testing how well a reading system (application) and assistive technology (AT) combination addresses the needs of a user, there are four essential feature categories we test:

• file management
• reading
• navigation and
• support for annotations.

We also test how the application allows making visual adjustments.

In other words, when using an app or a combination of a reading system and assistive technology, is the user able to launch the system, find a title, read the title, navigate through the publication, take notes or add bookmarks.

A score of 100% indicates that all essential features are supported.


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Keep in mind that the same reading system and assistive technology combination will not guarantee the best reading experience for everyone. The results will also change as the app and AT developers improve the accessibility features of their products.

Ultimately, we aim to get to the place where we can summarize the best options for a reader using Windows, or trying to read math, etc. We’re still too early in the process now, but with help from our community and people like you, we’re not that far off.

How you can help?

We engage the users in our community to help us determine which reading systems are the most popular among people with different disabilities and which accessibility features are most in demand.

We are actively seeking users with dyslexia or low vision to help us build out and expand the list of apps we test and the types of tests we conduct.

We’re also striving to bring in more content producers to further the “born accessible” efforts of making titles accessible from creation, and of course, we’re eager to have more reading system developers participate.

We want to increase the choices of reading systems available to readers with disabilities.

We are getting closer to the idea that everyone should be able to read when they want, how they want and what they want.

If you want to be a part of our efforts, we’d love to have you as part of our group.

Please tell us which reading systems and assistive technologies you are using.

You can contact the Community Manager, Amaya Webster amayaw[at]Benetech[dot]org for more information on ways you can contribute and how to get started.