Inclusive Publishing 2022 Annual Review

Profile head shot of Richard Orme

As we head into 2023, Richard Orme, CEO of The DAISY Consortium, reflects on some of last year’s successes for accessible publishing. has continued to share and report on events, projects and news items as an industry hub and news portal. In particular, the continued success of the DAISY webinar series has drawn much attention internationally and we have been proud to feature the overviews and resources from these sessions on inclusive publishing. With nearly 40 webinars featuring practical demos and workshop style examples, there is something for everyone at whatever stage of their accessibility journey they find themselves. 

Preparations for the European Accessibility Act are moving apace and DAISY has continued to host the European Inclusive Publishing Forum which has enabled conversation and collaboration between markets. The new legislation will affect publishers worldwide that are publishing or selling in these markets. Inclusive Publishing now has an extensive set of EAA resources covering all areas of interest with regards this legislation 

Inclusive Publishing has been delighted to welcome the following new organizations to the Inclusive Publishing Partner program

We’ve managed to participate in many events this year as well as promoting and supporting a number of virtual editions. Our publishers toolkit for the occasion of GAAD 2022 (Global Accessibility Awareness Day) encouraged publishers to get involved in this fast growing international initiative and were pleased to report on many industry events – from Francis and Talyor’s Lunch and Learn sessions to McGraw Hill’s in-house awareness webinar to the ADCET GAAD Challenge, to name but a few! 

Our developers continue to shape and develop the free open-source tools and solutions that have become so integral to the mainstream publishing industry. These include: 

We would like to invite our readers to support this work via our new sponsorship initiative which launched towards the end of the year. To ensure these valuable resources remain available to everyone, we welcome your support. 

You can read about up to date progress in accessible publishing by signing up to the Inclusive Publishing newsletter which is published on a monthly basis and will make sure that you don’t miss out on our latest news. 

We wish you all a very successful year ahead as we travel together on this journey to inclusive publishing. 

Richard Orme