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Countdown to the European Accessibility Act opening slide

In our new series of EAA monthly webinars, June 26th saw an overview session of the European Accessibility Act, kick starting the DAISY Countdown series of webinar events in the run up to the EAA coming into force in June 2025. Beginning with an interview with George Kerscher, this event also gave an introduction to the EAA itself, exploring the implications for people involved in publishing and reading, and talking to industry professionals actively working to prepare their organizations and others. 

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Full Video of the Webinar


  • Richard Orme, The DAISY Consortium—host and chair
  • George Kerscher, The DAISY Consortium
  • Inmaculda Plancencia Porrero, The European Commission
  • Elin Ljungvall, Hegas
  • Hans Beerens, Dedicon
  • Christina Mussinelli, The LIA Foundation

Session Overview

This introductory webinar was hosted by DAISY’s Richard Orme who welcomed the large audience and DAISY colleague George Kerscher as the “leading thinker and doer” in accessible digital publishing.

Interview with George Kerscher

George gave us a snapshot of his experience as a university student where access to content was impossible for him. This spurred him on to form his first company “Books for the Blind and Print Disabled” which was hugely successful and Richard Orme remembers RNIB receiving disks from the various mailings that George organized. Fast forward to 2001 when George’s Dream speech at the DAISY technical conference was very well received and encouraged the publishing community to start taking accessibility seriously.

Overview of the European Accessibility Act

Inmaculda Plancencia Porrero from The European Commission gave us a high level glance at the EAA and what we can expect from it. Considering issues such as:

  • What is covered in the EAA?
  • What products are in scope?
  • Requirements and provisions for products and services
  • What is an ebook?
  • Enforcements and penalties
  • Ebook related annexes

this was a whistle-stop tour of the major areas for consideration

Some Industry Perspectives

Our remaining 3 speakers spoke about their enthusiasm for the EAA and what still needs to be done. Elin Ljungvall hopes to have clear guidelines to enable her organization to provide the right books to the right child in the right format. Hans Beerens is excited about the prospect of greater accessibility for all and Cristina Mussinelli is looking forward to helping all readers to read and fostering inclusivity. Awareness building, training and skill development were areas that still need attention this year.

A Recent Survey

Richard presented some initial findings resulting from a survey conducted to help us point to relevant topics and resources within this webinar series. There are concerns from all areas about readiness for 2025 and our initial findings did reveal that many governments have set up departments to facilitate this. In the publishing community we’ve seen a lot of mainstream tool support but organization’s reliance of established processes could hinder progress for take up of these various tools. The survey remains open and we encourage continuing feedback as we get closer to the EAA.

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