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Counting Down to the European Accessibility Act

image of the EU flag amongst full bookcases and a desk piled high with books

With a little over 12 months to go until the European Accessibility Act comes into force the DAISY Consortium is excited to bring you the next season of their highly regarded webinar series, entitled, “Counting Down to the EAA”.

There is much work still to be done in preparation for the new directive and, with this in mind, we want to bring our audience the very latest news, solutions and thoughts on various important topics of greatest interest to the publishing community.

Below you can find details of the first 4 webinars which are free to attend, will be packed full of resources, top tips and discussion points that you will not want to miss out on. Further webinars in the series will be announced in the coming months.

Countdown to EAA – T-367 Days

Jun-26 14 UTC

We kick-off this countdown series with an introduction to the EAA itself, exploring the implications for people involved in publishing and reading, and talking to industry professionals actively working to prepare their organizations and others.

Technical Approaches to Upgrading the Backlist – T-339 Days

Jul-24 14 UTC

The complexity of reworking existing materials to incorporate accessibility can vary greatly depending on the nature of the published content. There are however a series of strategies that, if adopted, can aid the rework process. In this webinar we will hear from those actively involved in supporting the rework of backlist titles to ensure they’re compliant with EAA.

Accessibility Testing – T-304 Days

Aug-28 14 UTC

Access to digital publications under the EAA requires the alignment of multiple platforms and technologies to deliver an accessible user experience from discovery to consumption. In this webinar, subject experts will explore the diverse range of tests and assessments, both automated and manual, that can be performed to help refine the user experience and ultimately ensure a content journey that supports accessibility.

Image Descriptions – T-269 Days

Sep-25 14 UTC

Authoring accurate, informative, yet concise image descriptions can sometimes feel like an art. When you add methods for authoring and implementing extended descriptions it is easy to appreciate how complex things can feel. This webinar will discuss the practical workflow approaches taken by a number of publishers to ensure image descriptions for both front and back list titles are authored in a timely fashion and to a high quality.

Free DAISY Webinars

We are happy to announce that we’re scheduling several webinars on accessible publishing and reading. This is in response to multiple challenges faced by conferences around the world due to Coronavirus, as well as feedback from the wider DAISY community expressing interest in online training resources.

These webinars will be:

  • free of charge to anyone anywhere
  • run for up to 1 hour
  • have capacity for up to 500 participants to experience and interact with live
  • archived for later viewing if you missed the live session

Learn more about our webinar series including details of the next 4 sessions.

If you have an accessible publishing presentation to propose delivering as part of this webinar series please contact us with the details.