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Society of Scholarly Publishers Annual Meeting

May 29th to 31st, 2019

The SSP’s annual meeting is presented this year with the theme Shaping the New Status Quo: Global Perspectives in Scholarly Publishing. The conference is keen to focus on the inclusion of new voices within ongoing conversations—not just geographically but with any new perspectives that help publishers move together toward a new age of scholarly communication. What new technologies will be at work in the new status quo? How will publishers continue to meet the needs of authors and readers, especially in previously underrepresented markets?

Two sessions are of particular interest to inclusive publishing readers:

  • Why Inclusion Matters to Technology and Technology Matters to Inclusion—The Keynote this year is being delivered by Betsy Beaumon, Benetech
  • Digital Equality: The Importance of Accessibility in Your Publishing Strategy


May 29-31, 2019


San Diego, California

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Find out more about how you can register for this conference and full programming information at the SSP Event website.