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Learned Publishing Journal Focuses on Accessibility

Learned Publishing journal cover

Learned Publishing, the journal of the Association of Learned & Professional Society Publishers, published in collaboration with the Society for Scholarly Publishing, has dedicated its current edition to accessibility. Guest editor Bill Kasdorf (ApexCovantage) is passionate about all aspects of accessibility and chairs the Content Structure Committee at the Book Industry Study Group (BISG). Read by publishers, librarians, academics and others working in publishing around the world Learned Publishing has a fully international authorship.

“As confirmed in this special issue, accessibility is no longer a fringe topic — instead, publishing in a manner that is accessible to all is central to our purpose. All articles in this special issue will be freely available throughout 2018, as we believe the articles here will be a go-to reference point for all publishers, those with committed accessibility roadmaps and those just beginning to integrate accessibility into publishing workflows. This issue represents what we can do when we come together to address why and how our community can better serve all readers.” – Lettie Conrad, North American Editor of Learned Publishing

Articles include:

The full table of contents is available at: