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What? How? Why? We’ve Got it Covered!

Street sign with the word "ASK" lit up under a lampDo you have questions you’d like answered?

We want to hear from you on any topic  related to accessibility and inclusive publishing to inspire articles and to help us build our FAQs and a relevant glossary.  Perhaps a colleague asked something you think might be good to share. Is there information that you think your co-workers would benefit from? It doesn’t matter if the question is for a novice or expert audience, we want to provide information which is relevant to you, your teams and the broader industry.

Let’s make sure everyone has the correct information on how they can include accessibility within their mainstream content workflows.

You can use our survey to submit your questions, or simply tweet them to us @inclusivepub. We look forward to reading your questions, and over the coming months we will endeavour to answer as many as possible.