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Ensuring the Accessibility of all Learning Content

Photograph of Rick Johnson, author of this articleRick Johnson, Vice President of Product Strategy at Vital Source has written an incisive article for the latest issue of Research information, focusing on what is required during this time of “dramatic change” for accessibility in learning content. Read the full article on their website


Rick Johnson will be presenting a number of sessions at the CSUN Assitive Technology Conference in March 2018 with George Kerscher, Chief Innovations Officer within the DAISY Consortium.

Accessibility: Ensuring that Edtech Systems Work Together to Serve All Students

The attached article was written by Rick Johnson, Vice President of Product Strategy at VitalSource Technologies LLC, and published in the EDUCAUSEreview on September 25th. Key takeaways, as identified by EDUCAUSEreview, are:

  • As course materials are increasingly deconstructed and customized to specific learners, ensuring accessibility and interoperability of edtech tools and systems is crucial.
  • The next generation digital learning environment offers an ecosystem to provide this cohesion and ensure the accessibility of learning materials.
  • When vendors follow standards such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines,their components support individual accessibility and contribute to enhancing the accessibility of the whole system.
  • Ultimately, the real-world test is not how each of the parts conform to a standard, but how all of the parts work together to provide a highly functional system for users.

For Rick’s full article please visit https://er.educause.edu/articles/2017/9/accessibility-ensuring-that-edtech-systems-work-together-to-serve-all-students