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Free Webinar: Accessibility at Apple

May 27th, 2020

The DAISY Consortium has announced the launch of a series of free weekly webinars on accessible publishing and reading in response to the multiple challenges being faced by conferences around the world due to Coronavirus, as well as feedback from the wider DAISY community expressing interest in online training resources.

Today your most important assistive device is likely the iPhone or other smartphone you carry around with you in your pocket, rather than the bespoke, costly, and clinical types of equipment that pervaded accessibility in the past.
Apple has been at the forefront of this accessible technology revolution. When it comes to accessible reading, the massive popularity of iPhone and iPad has resulted in materials produced by both mainstream publishers and specialist organizations being accessed primarily using popular consumer devices.
This session will highlight what drives the accessibility product innovations from Apple. It will feature practical examples of how they are utilized by people with varying needs all around the world, and Apple’s goal of breaking through the challenges and barriers of the past.


May 27, 2020


Live online via Zoom or via the DAISY YouTube channel afterwards

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