Accessible ebooks: User Stories

Jerry, Scott and Tiri share how they benefit from ebooks.  Watch the video with captions on YouTube or below.

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Video transcription

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Jerry: I would use this for accessing email, the internet and also it has the ability to read ebooks. The role of the ebook in opening up the world for visually impaired and blind people is really important.

It can keep you current with the information in the world that is happening and so there’s a feeling of inclusion when you use an ebook.

Scott: My favourite way if it is going to be kind of an extended period of reading and I am going to sit there you know for an hour or two and really get into a book is to use a braille display.

There are units that are kind of that big down to units that you can fit in the palm of your hand basically.

Tiri: A lot of blind and visually impaired children don’t realise sometimes that they can read just like other people and it is something that everyone should be able to do.

Tiri’s mum: It’s all I ever wanted is that she can just do what all the other kids do and the ebook reader has more or less allowed her to do that.

Jerry: It has given me my job really. The existence of the ebook, the electronic text. If that wasn’t there I wouldn’t be able to do independently what I do for a living now.