Updated Production Workflow: Accessible Newspapers

Brought to you by Pratsam

The Association of Swedish Talking Newspapers in Finland (Finlands Svenska Taltidningsförening, FSTF) was founded in 2013 as part of an initiative to standardize the production and distribution systems for the ten accessible newspapers available to Swedish-language speakers in Finland.

The need for a new production system

For over 30 years, volunteers created the majority of the accessible newspapers for Swedish-language speakers in Finland through manual processing, but the number of such volunteers has steadily decreased in recent years.

Together with FSTF, Pratsam created a system for the production of accessible newspapers in the DAISY format using speech synthesis.

Today production is automated, with DTBook or Microsoft Office Word XML document file formats used as a source; afterward, the finished DAISY product is sent to Pratsam Server for distribution.

Source: Pratsam