Webinar: DAISY Information Sharing Day

October 14, 2021

Location: Online


This information sharing day is a flexible event allowing people to attend the parts they find of most interest, but you’re more than welcome to join us for the full session. The event is divided into the following parts:

Part 1: DAISY Project Updates
Starting at 1200 Universal Time (500 PDT, 800 EDT, 1300 BST, 1400 CEST)
This session will highlight some of the innovative international projects which the DAISY Consortium leads or contributes towards, including developments on tools, accessible reading solutions, COVID response and collaboration network building.

Part 2: Member Updates
Starting at 1300 Universal Time (600 PDT, 900 EDT, 1400 BST, 1500 CEST)
This session will bring together activities by DAISY Consortium Member organizations globally to share innovative developments and learning points with the wider community. This will include braille, smart speaker and artificial intelligence innovations, including sign languages in digital publications, and implementing DAISY reading services on the journey to Marrakesh.

Part 3: Accessible Publishing Updates
Starting at 1400 Universal Time (700 PDT, 1000 EDT, 1500 BST, 1600 CEST)
This session will provide updates on the latest developments as the DAISY Consortium and its members drive the global movement towards a new era of born accessible publishing. Topics will include the latest technical developments, mapping standards to legislation and the all-important issue of accessibility metadata.

All content in this webinar will be recorded and made available on daisy.org