Putting Accessibility into Practice: Helping Publishers Connect the Dots. From the EAA and Beyond

February 28, 2024

Location: Online

The first Bookmachine event of 2024 focuses on the importance of accessibility and with the clock ticking, publishing professionals across departments are now needing to come together to dig into processes, check compliance, and create meaningful and lasting impact with our accessibility measures to prepare for the EAA.

A huge amount of work has already taken place across the sector, with organisations such as the UK Publishing Accessibility Action Group (PAAG) and the DAISY Consortium working with the industry to review and revise working practices. But much is still to be done and now is the time to move from information gathering to putting accessibility into practice. Speakers include:

  • Richard Orme, The DAISY Consortium
  • Stacy Scott, Tayor and Francis and chair of PAAG
  • Ken Jones, Circular Software
  • Simon Mellins, Accessible Publishing Specialist