Inclusive Publishing for Academic Publishers

June 20, 2022

Location: Rome


This month sees an unprecedented event occurring in Italy where Sapienza University is hosting a full-day conference dedicated to inclusion in the publishing sector and in universities. The goal of this event is to provide a snapshot of the level of inclusiveness of the academic publishing market, highlighting  the current needs of readers and students which includes the accessibility of academic publishing. There are several sessions focusing on a variety of topics:
  • The first part of the day will concentrate on the social, editorial, and technological context in the academic publishing space and the regulatory changes that this market faces.
  • In the second half, professionals from the publishing sector and representatives of Italian universities will present a number of case studies showing the areas where publishers and universities are working together and where there are further opportunities for greater inclusivity.

There will be a  live recording on the event youtube channel where there is no need for registration. Please note that this event is in Italian.

The conference is organized by the Sapienza University in collaboration with the Italian Publishers Association (AIE) and Fondazione LIA, and with the support of theNational University Conference of Delegates for Disability (CNUDD) and DigiLab, an interdepartmental center for research and services of the Sapienza University.