CSUN 2024

Start date: March 18, 2024 - End date: March 22, 2024

Location: California


The CSUN AT Conference is typically one of the largest events in the world, drawing an international audience and highlighting the latest developments from across the assistive technology field. There are many presentations and sessions at this conference which are of interest to our readers including:

  • Reading and writing math with a screen reader – Richard Orme and George Kerscher
  • European Accessibility Act: Game changer for accessible books – Richard Orme and Elisa Molinari
  • Sourcing Accessible Education Materials – Rachel Comerford
  • Accessibility QA for ebooks: Are automatic tools enough – Gregorio Pellegrino
  • Accessible online writing – Rachel Comerford and Crista Earl
  • Certified accessible ebook ecosytem – Rachel Comerford