Accessibility Is Everyone’s Job (an IBPA Webinar)

June 14, 2023

Location: Online via Zoom

The work of accessible publishing often falls squarely and solely on the person at the very end of the production workflow without much attention to accessibility from the publisher, editor, proofreading, or from sales and marketing in between. And this is a problem, as 25% of the world’s population has a reading disability. In order for change to be meaningful, the work of publishing inclusively must permeate a publishing house, with the meaningful involvement of the entire publishing house being critical pieces of the puzzle. Publishing inclusively is publishing thoughtfully and with purpose.

This webinar, from the Independent Book Publishers Association, will present actionable, tangible steps a publishing house can take on the journey to making born accessible books. Learn workflow steps that can involve the author, editorial, production, and vendor partners, to take on responsibility for alt text, file creation, testing, and remediation – all within a simple footprint that scales from small publishers to larger organizations. The presenters, Laura Brady and Michael Johnson, will also share resources for attendees related to tips for creating accessible EPUBs, alt-text guidelines, and more.