Readium Project Update—Thorium Reader v1.1 Release

The Readium project provides core technologies that enable reading systems developers to more quickly build apps using standards and compliant components.

EDRLab is leading several developments in this area including a desktop reading app, Thorium, that is available on Windows, macOS and Linux. Development has progressed well and the release of version 1.1 was announced recently. The DAISY Consortium is supporting this effort by providing regular accessibility evaluations as the app is developed and this latest update features many accessibility improvements.

Readium is open source and the progress made from the Thorium development will enable other reading system developers to implement accessible and standards compliant solutions.

Other improvements of Thorium v1.1 are the support of MathML via the MathJax library, a better support of OPDS v2, the support of the Authentication for OPDS mechanism and a preview support of the brand new “automatic LCP key retrieval” feature. The latter means that users can authenticate on a portal Thorium while browsing an OPDS catalog, and can then load and read LCP protected publications without having to enter the passphrase even once.

For further details about this latest release please visit the EDRLab announcement page.