Digital technologies are bringing positive changes, but Inclusive Publishing is still in its infancy in many countries.  Less than 10% of published information in the world is available in formats accessible to people with disabilities.

Accessible publishing standards have been around for two decades. Much has been learned about developing semantically rich content that can be read and navigated by anyone with a print disability.  DAISY members, supporters and affiliates are in an excellent position to be partners with the inclusive publishing industry.

To assist digital publishing communities, we will be building the online Inclusive Publishing Hub – a central place where publishing practitioners, accessibility experts, educators and developers are welcome to share knowledge, get help, learn and connect.

We’ll publish the Accessibility Baseline and include broader information on the best approaches to delivering accessible content, in coordination with other international organizations representing Publishers and people with disabilities. 

By collaborating and pooling resources, we can change the world.

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