WCAG 2.0 Short Overview

EPUB 3 is built on open web standards, and the accessibility principles outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 apply. They specify that digital content should be:


  • Text alternatives are provided for non-text content
  • Captions and other alternatives for multimedia are available
  • Content can be accessed in different ways, also using assistive technologies, without losing meaning
  • Users can see, read and hear content


  • All functionality is available from a keyboard
  • Users have enough time to consume content [Pause and Stop are provided if needed]
  • Content does not cause seizures
  • Users can navigate and find content


  • Text is readable and easily understood
  • Content is displayed and is operable in predictable ways
  • Users can avoid and correct mistakes


  • Compatible with current and future user tools

For detailed information, please read the W3C Guide Understanding WCAG 2.0.