Digital Publishing WAI-ARIA Module 1.0

WAI-ARIA is a technical specification defining a common host language semantic accessibility API and framework. This framework allows web browsers to map the accessibility semantics in web content to platform-specific accessibility APIs. Therefore, web content can be interoperable with assistive technologies.

This specification is a modular extension of  WAI-ARIA, designed for the digital publishing industry. The goals of this specification include:

  • Expanding WAI-ARIA to produce structural semantic extensions for the digital publishing industry
  • Aligning with a new governance model for modularization and extensions to WAI-ARIA
  • Providing structural semantics extensions supporting assistive technologies
  • Enabling semantic navigation, styling and interactive features used by readers

Read more about the roles defined in this specification: EPUB Structural Semantics Vocabulary.

To get a detailed explanation, please review the WAI-ARIA Introduction. Find out how it applies to Rich Internet Application Accessibility.