Baseline for Born Accessible EPUB

Many EPUB 3 features are useful for persons with disabilities without additional work from the publisher. But there are specific baseline accessibility requirements that need attention outside the traditional publisher workflows. Please review the EPUB Accessibility specifications.

The grant funds the “accessibility baseline” projects that enable publishers to create digital books that can be read by anyone, regardless of their disability.

Four activities to deliver on the “born accessible” promise are:

  • Developing EPUB accessibility specification Defining what publishers need to do to make their publications accessible.  DAISY Consortium members will facilitate accessibility certification.
  • Developing accessibility checking tool: Assisting publishers in implementing the specification for baseline accessibility.
  • Evaluating reading systems for accessibility: Defining the fundamental as well as advanced accessibility testing criteria for reading systems.
  • Developing an inclusive publishing information hub: Disseminating information about inclusive publishing and reading.

Review the Inclusive Publishing Toolbox to learn more.