Digital Book World: Accessibility Master Class

When: Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 at 4:00 pm.

Presenters were George Kerscher and Charles LaPierre.

Accessibility is not a rocket science, and you’re closer than you think.

Recent and upcoming changes in the regulatory landscape are making it impossible for publishers to ignore accessibility if they want to serve all the markets available to them.

While many publishers have long recognized the importance of accessibility, the lack of clarity as to what exactly is required has slowed their progress.

The new EPUB Accessibility Guidelines provide a baseline in regards to what to do, how to do it as well as how to provide metadata that documents how accessible a given publication is.

This session covered these developments and provided guidance as to how to make your publications accessible, and how to benefit from doing so. More information can be found on the Digital Book World conference website.

EPUB 3.1 Now an IDPF Recommended Specification

The IDPF Membership has unanimously approved EPUB 3.1 as a Recommended Specification.

The EPUB 3.1 revision includes a new accessibility specification and an accessibility techniques document.

Developed as part of EPUB 3.1 to provide guidance on making EPUB publications accessible, these new documents are designed to be equally applicable to older versions of EPUB 3. More information is provided on the IDPF website.